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How It Works

TEEN Monitoring

Are you worried about your teen’s safety? Is your teen hiding something? Or are you concerned about who they are hanging out with? Don’t just speculate find out what is really going on with your teen and be sure with SurePoint.


EMPLOYEE Monitoring

Concerned your employee may be spending too much time online, chatting with friends, or disclosing confidential information? SurePoint gives you the assurance that employees are doing what they are suppose to be doing.


FAMILY Monitoring

Do you spend time worrying about your family when they are running late, hiking or camping in the back country, or when they just don’t pick up their cell phone? Now you can have piece of mind without having to contact them.



Over 24 Powerful Monitoring Features


You will be privy to the content of every text message and associated phone numbers, plus the time and date of each message.


Pinpoint locations and track them on a map. This feature is also handy in the event that the mobile device is lost or stolen.


Monitor the activities of popular social media applications including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in real time.


Instantly access contacts within the designated mobile device. You’ll be able to see names, phone numbers, email addresses and more.


You can take pictures of whatever happens to be in the device’s viewfinder from your own mobile device and download and save the images.


Fully monitor all incoming and outgoing calls as they occur. Be able to see phone numbers, when they were dialed and the duration of each call.


SurePoint allows you to monitor what they view online, including photos and videos by accessing their browser history.


Instant access to all incoming and outgoing emails and all data can be time-stamped and stored on the platform of your choice.

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Works On All Mobile Devices
SurePoint works with all cell phone service providers. For both Apple and Android, access is required to install the app. That process typically takes less than five minutes.
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How SurePoint Works

SurePoint is a mobile app that gives you immediate, real time information from any mobile device that you’d like to have monitored. Once the app is installed, the specified mobile device becomes an open book, allowing you to instantly monitor a wealth of activity.

surepoint mobile monitoring

“My daughter seems to be texting 24/7 to all her friends and her boyfriend. However, with the help of this software I can get the messages sent to my e-mail and have a look, if I need to check up on her. And it does not show any traces of the program being installed.”


“SurePoint has been very useful in monitoring my son’s text messages and knowing his whereabouts. Now, I know much of his activities and can verify if he really is where he said he was.”


“I’ve had suspicions that my daughter is engaged in Sexting and other inappropriate behavior online. So I purchased SurePoint and was able to confirm my gut feel. Without it, I would have not been able to know, apprehend and correct my teen daughter’s behaviour. Highly recommend for parents.”


“My daughter sends and receives over 6000 text messages a month! This program sent them all to my gmail! Very good program! Very reliable. A must for any responsible parent.”

Heather, Poughkeepsie, NY

Learn More About SurePoint Mobile Monitoring

Introducing SurePoint Mobile Monitoring

SurePoint is a mobile tracking app that gives you immediate, real time information from any mobile device that you’d like to have monitored. Once the app is installed, the specified mobile device becomes an open book, allowing you to monitor all activity that takes place on that particular device in real time. All activity is provided to you in a secure account that you can monitor from your phone, computer or tablet. Perfect for keeping tabs on Family or for monitoring employees, SurePoint provides peace of mind without the need to continually call and check in.

Once installed on a particular mobile device SurePoint allows you to monitor everything on that device as if it were in the palm of your hand. Instantly, and from a secure online account, you’ll be able to see email correspondence, call logs, videos, photos, browser history, contact lists, chat messages and much more. Perhaps SurePoint’s most important feature is its GPS locater. On a Google map, you can track the mobile device, anywhere and any time.

Why SurePoint?

Ensure teens stay out of harm’s way.

If you’re a parent or guardian of tweens or teenagers, you know the feeling when they’re out and you haven’t heard from them in a while. No matter how responsible they might be, you know they could potentially be in places they shouldn’t be, or be talking to people they shouldn’t be in touch with. You could call and check on them all the time, but you don’t want to appear untrusting or overprotective. Another reason for installing SurePoint is the disturbing spread of “cyberbullying”. Because they can be anonymous, online chat rooms and social networks can be rife with malicious comments and images. SurePoint allows you to see cyberbullying coming and helps mitigate the harm it can cause. The application is compatible with practically every social media network and chatting platform. In the end, not only will you know where your teens are, you’ll know what they’re saying and what others are saying about them.

Times is Money. SurePoint in the workplace.

If you run a business that employs people, you know that productivity is paramount. But with more and more distractions available at the workplace, making sure wages are well spent can be a challenge. SurePoint can ensure productivity is maintained by allowing you to see where and how time is being misspent. It’s not about spying; it’s about knowing what areas you need to address come review time. For example, do you have a policy about using Facebook at work? What websites aren’t appropriate to visit? How many personal calls at work are too many? SurePoint will help you determine what ground rules need to be established and how closely they need to be monitored. Time is money, and ensuring your money isn’t misspent is just good business.

Stop worrying about your family

Wanting to know what your family members are doing when they’re away from you isn’t being snoopy. If there are people in your life that you care about, you’re probably very familiar with the feeling: the unease and concern when they’re running late, or if they haven’t called you when they said they would. Common sense tells you that there’s a perfectly logical explanation, yet you can’t help but imagine worse case scenarios. SurePoint, eliminates this worry, by putting a family mobile device right in your hands. Immediately, you’ll know where they are, what they’ve been texting and to whom.

Technology made easy.

There was a time when mobile device monitoring technology was cumbersome to install and difficult to use. SurePoint has effectively eliminated the complexity of installation and operation so that practically anyone can benefit from it. Compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices, SurePoint comes with an instruction manual and free customer support, but chances are you won’t need them. Installation to can be done wirelessly or by loading it from computer by way of USB cable or a Bluetooth connection. As for the data you receive, it can be monitored from your smartphone, tablet or home computer. If you’d like to “uninstall” SurePoint at any time, it can be done remotely and discreetly while still retaining all the data that that you collected.

SurePoint features in a nutshell.

For parents seeking peace of mind:

  • knowing your child’s whereabouts
  • ability to see and address cyberbullying early
  • knowing who called/texted and what was said
  • being aware of how online platforms are being used
  • ability to review contact lists

Business managers will be able to create policies by having a better handle on the following:

  • amount of time spent online
  • what sites may be considered inappropriate
  • number of personal calls
  • how much time remote workers spend on company business
  • what corporate information can be considered sensitive