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A Parent’s Guide to Using a Cell Phone Spy App

Today’s technology has made it possible for you to check your kids with the help of their mobile phones along with a powerful cell phone spy app. These types of softwares are created to check on the activities of a mobile device in an intensive level. While these apps can be pretty useful, there is still a need to exercise proper planning when it comes to informing your kids about the action behind the monitoring.

How Spy Apps Work

Once you purchased this software, you are required to download and install it on the device you want to monitor. The next step involves filling in all the information required by the app of your choice. You also have to take note that some apps don’t work if an Apple device is not jailbroken (although there are a few who don’t need to undergo this kind of process).

After the installation has been successful, you are then led to a portal where all information can be accessed. All details concerning the target phone are laid out in detail in this portal. Information usually include text messages, call logs, mobile internet activity, 3rd party app installations, social media activities, emails, messenger app threads and a GPS tracking system. All these and more are available depending on the app of your choice.

The Main Advantages of Using a Spy App

A cell phone spy software can be very beneficial especially when utilized in the right way along with a good parenting strategy. Here are just some of the main advantages of using a spy app in monitoring your kids.

  1. It allows you to check the whereabouts of your kids especially during and after school. Thus, you will know if your kids are exactly in the same place where they claim to be. For teens, this can be a helpful tool to ensure that your kids don’t stray away from school even before class dismissal.
  2. It enables you to check the online activities of your kids and even block potentially harmful adult sites that can pollute the minds of your children.
  3. A cell phone SMS spy app allows you to check the individuals your children are commonly texting or talking over the phone. Thus, this gives you an idea whether your kid is communicating with a stranger or someone who is familiar.
  4. A cell phone spy app can help you impose certain rules to your kids especially when it concerns their study habits. You can limit the time spent on internet as well.

Being a parent entails you some responsibilities when it comes to checking the safety and wellness of your children. Investing in a good spy app can help you lessen the burden of looking after your kids 24/7.

SurePoint Spy is a mobile monitoring app with excellent features and tracking capabilities. Built with the latest tracking interface, it works best for both Apple and Android devices.


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