Anonymity and Cyberbullying – How the Best Cell Phone Spy Can Stop It

Protecting your loved ones from cyberbullying is now easier, thanks to the variety of apps that spy on cell phones. Let’s face it; cyberbullying can be really scary, especially if you think of how it can affect your children. That’s why you want to learn ways you can protect your loved ones from those people who find pleasure in harassing, humiliating, and hurting other people. But this is just not that easy to do, particularly because of anonymity.

Anonymity – When did it actually start?

It’s hard to say exactly when anonymity became a trend. Not revealing one’s identity when delivering messages is something that may have started a long time ago, but how it is being used today makes it seem like it’s something that never existed in the past.

When companies and developers started creating websites and smartphone apps that allow users to be and remain anonymous, everyone was just so excited. Young people, especially, like the fact that they can hide their identity when they are online. That way, they can hide from the watchful eyes of their parents and they are free to do whatever they want on the Internet.

Although not all people who choose to be anonymous are doing something illegal or harmful to others, there are still so many out there who take advantage of anonymity to bully other people. In short, anonymity has become the biggest strength used in cyberbullying.

Is anonymity absolute?

Many websites and cell phone apps claim to have the ability to keep the user’s identity perfectly anonymous. But the truth is, there will always be a way to determine who the user is should it be necessary. A good example is how Android cell phone spy apps work.

Cell phone monitoring or spy apps are designed to track the source of text messages, phone calls, private messages, and all other information transferred from one smartphone to another. Even when you use an anonymity app to send text messages to another person, there is still a great chance that your identity will be known if the cell phone of the other person is equipped with the best cell phone spy. Obviously, this is not good news for cyberbullies, but a really good one for parents.

Should parents use cell phone spy software?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with spying on your child’s cell phone for as long as you do it for the right reasons. Even young children have a right to privacy, but as a parent, your biggest concern should always be to ensure their safety especially when they are online. By installing the best cell phone spy on your child’s smartphone, you will be able to know if your child is being cyberbullied.

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