My daughter Sara just graduated from junior high school and she really wants a new iPhone. She has an older model, which has seen better days, but there’s no upgrade available for us for a while. That being said, she did fantastic this year in school, so my wife and I think that she really deserves it.

Sara has blossomed into a beautiful girl with a good head on her shoulders. No matter what the situation, she always does the right thing. It’s my dream that she will always be smart, kind and level-headed, but I know that there are no guarantees. Even if she stays that way, she’s going to make mistakes along the way. That’s why I’m always hesitant about her actually using the smartphone. It’s an easy way for a any person to make mistakes.

As you know, a smartphone is an incredible device that many people today couldn’t live without. I know that I find it difficult to get through my day without using it—and I know my wife, who manages a sales force, needs to be on hers all day long. But the question always enters my head: does a 15-year old girl really need a smartphone? The answer of course is no—but try telling that to her.

All of Sara’s friends have one. Many have brand new ones. I know that Sara doesn’t abuse her privilege of owning one, but that may not always be the case, so I’m going to install a cell phone spy apps on her phone for a whole lot of reasons.

A good cell phone spy app for iphone allows me to see who Sara is in contact with—whether it is by phone, text, SMS message, email, and social media. I can see if some pervert is trying to get her to take sexual selfies and send it to him or if he’s sending something to her. I can make sure she’s not being stalked by some old guy on Twitter or bullied by some horrible teen on Facebook. The cell phone spy app free will also let me know where she is or intends to be in many ways. I can scan her social media accounts or texts to find out if she plans to secretly attend some part with alcohol or drugs. I can also activate her phone’s camera to take a picture of where she is and view it on my own dash. It even lets me listen in on her surroundings with the phone’s microphone. Plus, I can track her on a map with a GPS locater.

Look, I’m not saying that I’m going to pry on Sara’s whole private life. I’m just going to check in from time to time—like sticking my head in her doorway or watching from the other room. She’s my only child. My little princess. I know things are going to change, but I want her to be safe and be able to make those changes as she goes.


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