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FAQ – Cell Phone Listening Devices Spy Phones

Can I spy on a cell phone?

Of course, you can. By simply installing a cell phone spy app on the target phone, you will be able to monitor the mobile phone activity of the user, including his/her text messages, phone calls, Internet viewing, social media, and others.

Can I install cell phone spyware remotely?

No. The only way you can install cell phone bugs spy gadgets and software is by having physical access to the target phone. This means that you need to have the phone in your hands so you can install the spy software. The installation is pretty straightforward, however, so the entire process may take up around 5 minutes only.

How do I install cell phone software?

To install the mobile phone spy on the target phone, you should first open a browser on the phone where you’ll paste the link to download the file. Once the link is entered, the installation will begin and you can also start setting the options. After the spyware is installed, you can go to your online account where all the reports will be available.

Can the user of the target phone tell if the spyware is on their phone?

The unique feature of cell phone listening devices spy phones is that they operate in the background of mobile phones, which makes them undetectable. There will be no visible icons, folders or program menus to appear on the cell phone as well, so users normally have no idea that they are being monitored through their cell phones.

Is it an easy process to uninstall the spy software?

If you feel that there is no more use monitoring the target phone, you can immediately uninstall the spy software. The process is very easy as well, and it’s possible to uninstall it even without having the cell phone. In short, remote uninstall is possible.

Does the target phone need to connected to the Internet?

Yes. Cell phone spy software is designed to transmit report about a target device to another device through the Internet. Also, most of the features of cell phone spy apps require an Internet connection to work. So if you are monitoring your child, for instance, you might want to get a postpaid plan for your child so that the device will be available online anytime.

Can I install cell phone spy software on any device?

Most cell phone bugs spy gadgets are compatible with most mobile devices. However, those running on iOS, such as iPhones, iPads, or iPods, need to be jailbroken first before one can install any spy software on them. Thus, before you purchase any cell phone spy software, you must do research first to make sure you’re buying one that is compatible with your devices.

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