We Have Your Questions Covered

What will be shipped to me after I purchase SurePoint?

Nothing, by ground – unless you’d like a physical version of the software package. Otherwise, a download link will be sent to the email address that you designate for instant downloading.

Does SurePoint provide Customer Support?

Yes. And it’s free for everyone who purchases SurePoint. Troubleshooting, answers to technical questions and installation are all covered by our friendly customer support team.

How are GPS locations plotted?

Locations of the specified phone are plotted and updated every 10 minutes on familiar Google Maps.

What’s involved in the installation of SurePoint?

You’ll need access to the specified phone for less than five minutes. Apple devices must be jailbroken.

What if the we change our phone number?

A phone number change has no bearing on SurePoint’s efficacy. The app will continue to provide all functions and reinstallation isn’t necessary.

How long will SurePoint’s software last?

SurePoint will stay working in the specified device for the life of that device, or until someone uninstalls it.

How many devices is SurePoint licensed for?

Each SurePoint purchase license is good for one device. However, you can purchase additional licenses if you choose.

Where is the information from the specified phone sent?

It can be sent to an email address you specify, or you can have it routed to another web account or your mobile device.

Is the information transferrable between my phone and PC?

Yes, all you need is a USB connection.