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How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone and What Information Can I Get?

So, can I spy on a cell phone even if I am not a detective? Apparently, yes, and you can do it as well! Thanks to modern technology and the proliferation of different types of spy gadgets, people can now keep their loved ones and their properties safe and secure. We should keep in mind, however, that these tools must not be used to invade another person’s privacy. If you are thinking of spying on someone else’s cell phone, for instance, you need to have a good and legally acceptable reason.

We all know what the typical Brickhouse cell phone spy can do, but what about those apps and software designed for cell phone monitoring? How do they actually work?

Before you invest in any cell phone spy software, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of how it works and how you can benefit from its monitoring capabilities. Below you will find the common features and functions of cell phone spy software:

  1. Listen in to Live Calls – using a cell phone spy app, you can listen in to live phone calls that are happening on the target phone. Your software will sent you an alert that a phone call is taking place. If you choose not to listen to the conversation as it happens, a recording will still be available to you if you need one.
  2. Access Multimedia Files – cell phone spy software has the ability to upload photos and videos taken from the target phone, so you can view them using your web account.
  3. View Text Messages – this feature is standard to almost all cell phone spy software. Such software gives users access to all the text messages sent to and from the target phone. Even the deleted messages can be retrieved by the software.
  4. Track the Location of the Device – since most smartphone models are GPS ready, you can use your cell phone spy software to track the location of the target phone. By activating this feature, you will know the exact location of the device in real time.
  5. Track Emails – cell phone spy apps will let you view not only text messages, but emails and private messages as well. You can also view the email addresses stored in the device’s address book.
  6. Monitor Web Surfing Activity – the majority of smartphones today have easy access to the internet. If you want to know the web surfing activities of the person using the cell phone, you can do so using cell phone spy software through its web browsing history option.
  7. Spy Using the Phone Camera – cell phone spy software is unique compared to traditional cell phone bugs spy gadgets because it has the ability to use the target device’s camera to take photos of its surroundings.

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