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How to Reduce Teen Screen Time Using the Best Cell Phone Spy

If you think that installing the best cell phone spy on your child’s smartphone is one of the most effective ways to limit their screen usage or online exposure, you are right. Take note, however, that spying on your child alone won’t keep them from spending time online. More importantly, parents should teach their children how to be responsible in using the Internet and their smartphones.

Here are the ways parents may help their children be more active to cut back on screen time:

Remind your teen to limit computer and cell phone usage.

It’s almost impossible to ban electronics among young people, so the best thing you can do is let your teen know that you’re aware of how much time they’re spending online. You need to constantly remind your child if you feel they’ve had enough time online already. Give them a gentle reminder so they won’t feel you’re being strict in guarding them. There are apps that spy on cell phones also you can use to monitor the amount of time your teen spends on the Internet.

Motivate your child to exercise.

Allow your child to choose a sport to participate in. You shouldn’t force him to do your prefered sport because doing this won’t give him any motivation at all. Find out what your child is interested in and express your support in your child. You can also use your child’s screen time as a motivator for him to go out, play and move more.

Encourage your child to socialize.

Look for clubs or outdoor activities that can help engage your child socially. It’s important at this point in his life to learn how to deal with people and interact with them. If possible, you can invite his friends to do the same activities with your child as this will increase the chances of your child joining the activities as well.

Talk about it.

Nothing can be more important than the time parents spend talking with their children. Communication in the family should be maintained if parents want their children to be obedient and responsible. Use family dinner time to ask your teen how his day was, how school was, and so on. Use this as an opportunity also to give some reminders about the importance of being responsible in using electronic devices and the Internet.

Agree on screen rules.

Your child is likely to obey your house rules on screen time if you allow him to have a say on it. You may decide not to let him know that you are monitoring his cell phone activity using an Android cell phone spy, but definitely, you should make the rules with your child. This way, you will both be able to express your concerns, and you’ll come up with rules you both agree on and can follow.

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