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Monitor Your Child’s Social Media Accounts With A Cell Phone Spy

Allowing your child to access social media apps on their phones opens up doors to numerous online dangers. You can protect your children from these dangers with the aid of a cell phone spy app. You may be able to find a free cell phone spy app, but keep in mind – most of these apps do not monitor social media accounts. Choosing an app like Surepoint Spy will guarantee access to your child’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. We’ve compiled a list of the what you can monitor on your child’s social media accounts.


Prevent your child from being bullied or being the bully with a cell phone spy app. By viewing their social media accounts, you can effectively tell if they are receiving harassing messages or photos from classmates. You can also tell if they are responsible for the bullying of others. If you see threats, hurtful comments or anything that may be questionable, confront your child about the behavior and correct it or contact the appropriate people to put an end to it.

Permanent Damage

Children and teens often forget about the staying power of comments and images posted online. They don’t realize that what is on the internet is there forever. Protect your child’s reputation and future by keeping a close eye on what they post and share. Apps like Snapchat often give children and teens false assurance that their images won’t be saved or shared, but there are numerous tools that people can use to do just the opposite. When you use an app to spy on a cell phone, you can almost guarantee your child’s reputation won’t be affected by what they share.

spy verizon cell phone

Location Information Stored in Photos

Parents should make sure that their children are only sharing images with close friends and family. Often, photos contain what’s known as EXIF data. This data gives detailed information about the location in which the photo was taken. Predators can easily pull up this information and locate your child.

Oversharing Information

Make sure your children aren’t giving out personal information online with your spy Verizon cell phone app. A good way to make sure this isn’t happening is by setting their profiles to private and turning off location sharing with the public or people who aren’t close friends. This ties in with limiting photo sharing. Even if you made sure there is no location information tied to your kids photos, predators can easily determine this based off of information conveyed in photos: sports team, house numbers, license plates etc. Make sure your child isn’t posting photos that convey pieces to the puzzle.


Children (and adults too) can easily be fooled by predators online pretending to be someone they are not. It’s critical that your child does not communicate with strangers online, even if they believe that this “friend” is the same age as them. When you receive real-time information about your child’s conversations within social media, you can prevent further contact by confronting the “friend” or by asking your child who this person is. It’s always a good idea to only friend people you know in person. Just like you should not talk to strangers on the street, you should not talk to strangers online.

If you’ve considered using a cell phone spy app, make sure the program is capable of monitoring these important social media accounts. And remember, free cell phone spy apps never have this ability. To get comprehensive monitoring, try Surepoint Spy.


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