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Screen Teens for Suicide with the Help of a Mobile Monitoring App

A recent news report highly recommended that parents with teenagers should begin screening their kids for any signs of depression because it could lead to suicide. Suicide is so common amongst teens today that it has been reported as the second highest cause of death for the age bracket.

That is a stunning fact and one that every single parent should take to heart. Even if you’re child isn’t a teen yet, they will be someday, and you—the parent—need to do everything in your power to make sure that they reach and pass through those highly volatile years safely.

Everyone has heard of teen angst. You would think that there’s nothing new under the sun—no reason for it to escalate to the high level of suicide that is being reported—but the fact is that teens today are feeling more pressure than ever. Some of it is justifiable—like trying to get good grades, be popular and get a decent job. Other reasons are borderline insane like not getting the latest iPhone or having a selfie trolled on social media.

A major reason for teens’ anxiety can seriously be attributed to the Internet and its prevalence in every teenager’s life. Today’s average young adult is plugged in twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Most of that constant connection is via their smart devices—cell phones sms spy being the biggest mode of access. Not only does being tapped in increase ADD in young adults, but it creates a type of neurosis. People feel that they need to constantly check their devices. They worry that they will miss something. An anxiety builds up if something stops them from doing so. They become, stressed, agitated, paranoid. Pair that neurosis with the real threats of the Internet—porn overload, hackers, perverts, bullies—and you’ve got real human ticking time bombs.

So how can you tell if your child is feeling suicidal or just being a good, old-fashioned, morose teen? It’s not always obvious. Many parents and friends of kids who killed themselves say they didn’t realize the depth of their child’s or friend’s depression. That they never thought the teen would ever actually go and commit suicide. It can be a very tricky thing to decipher. Obviously, communication is key. But how can you communicate with your child if they are retreating from you and society and refuse to talk?

Since every teen today lives on their smartphones—and the Internet is where many of these suicidal teens turn to in their last days—a lot of parents are choosing to install a cell phone number spy  on their kids’ phones in order to get a peek into their loved ones’ digital lives. It may seem wrong to spy on your kid’s phone, but what’s more important than making sure they are safe?

A high-quality spy app allows you to see who they are communicating with in calls, emails, texts, SMS messages, social media and more. It can help you protect them from Internet trolls, bullies and perverts and save your child’s reputation if they do something foolish like send a sexy selfie or say something defamatory.

As a parent, it’s your job to make sure your child stays healthy and has a happy life. Installing a cell phone listening devices spy phones may indeed help you do just that.

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