Sixteen Amazing Things You Can Do With The Surepoint Spy Cell Phone Spyware

The Surepoint Spy cell phone monitoring software offers a lot of benefits for parents who wish to monitor their child cell phone usage. Some of the major benefits are listed below:

1.    Call log

You can tap your child’s cell phone’s calls, listen to what is been said, cut off calls, or record their conversation. You can identify the caller and receiver of each call, the duration of each call, and the time it took place.

2.    Contacts

Check out the complete details of the Phone contacts, including the number of their cell phone, landline number, e-mail and mailing addresses as well as social media profile details.

3.    Photographs

The Surepoint Spy spyware give you the ability to look into the photographs that are stored on their cell Phone. These include photos they snapped with their phone, photos received from some other gadgets or those downloaded from the Internet. You can also access the date and time each photo was received.

4.    Unlimited Device Switch

With just a single license and a cell phone tracker spy, you can switch between any numbers of gadgets, without compromising any of the device’s data. You can monitor them, snoop on their calls or track their location at the same time, too.

5.    Remote Monitoring

Give you the ability to monitor your child’s device(s) from any given distance, regardless of the size of the device. The Spyware make sure that anywhere they are in the globe; they are never away from your monitoring range.

6.    Listen to Surrounding Sounds Live or Record Them

You can listen to your target iPhone’s immediate environment sounds by using their microphone, or still record the sounds live, via the Spyware dashboard.

7.    iMessages

Get access to their iMessages inbox and read the whole threads. And get complete knowledge of the time and date of each message, the senders or receivers identity including their phone number.

8.    View their Bookmarks

Apart from viewing your target Phone’s browser history, you can also search further by scrutinizing which pages was bookmarked or find out which pages was put into their reading list in their Safari.

9.    SMS

Ability to monitor the target Cell Phone’s text messages by reading their full SMS threads, identify the senders and receivers of every texts, and knowing the date and time of each text.

10. Appointments

Ability to open up and scrutinize their calendar and reminders section, discover what they have planned out for each day. Discover with whom they have set engagements and when.

11. Location Tracker

Discover precisely where they are in the world via the Global Location System that controls our GPS location tracker. Tag along them on their way and map out their path.

12. Multiple Platform Support

Ability to switch your license among various operating systems: such as tablets or on phones without buying a new license for each gadget.

13. Remote SMS commands

Your remote monitoring ability does not end there; you can also send instructions to their gadget via SMS. You can send commands to start or stop any application, pause any application, or control their iPhone’s microphone.

14. Access their Emails

Ability to access and observe their email address: see the emails they have sent or received their receiver or sender as well as the date and time of each email.

15. Access their Browser History

You can open up their Safari and see any webpage they have accessed, time they accessed it, and discover anything they have done via that particular URL.

16. Pin Messages

The Surepoint Spy Spyware also offers the PIN messages observing feature with which you can observe and monitor their sent and received PIN messages. This feature is wholly for people dealing with BlackBerry owners and available with BlackBerry Application.

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