Spying On Cell Phones Text Messages

Spying On Cell Phones Text Messages Ensures Employees Are Not Misusing Business Phones

If an employer gives their employees business cell phones to use, they want to make sure that they are not misusing business property. Employees should be using these cell phones for work purposes, not to play slot machine apps on, or to scroll through social media. Some employers have even had issues with employees using business phones for dating websites and for sending inappropriate messages.

But how can employers make sure this doesn’t happen? Cell phone usage, especially internet usage on cell phones, can be difficult to track because they are not on the work network, so certain websites can’t be blocked and most of the time web browsing cannot even be monitored.

This is no longer the case. Companies have created apps and software to help employers solve this difficult issue. Surepoint Spy is one of those apps. It is a cell phone spy software that can be added to all employee phones to ensure proper usage of business property. Even spying on cell phones text messages is possible.

Surepoint Spy can monitor all calls, texts, emails, social media messages, multimedia, and web browsing. Even if information is deleted from the actual phone, it can still be seen by employers in the Surepoint Spy dashboard. There is no way for employees to misuse a company phone when this app is installed.

It is really easy for employers to spy on cell phones. Once the employer downloads the app it is a 3 step installation process. A remote connection is made to the device that is to be monitored, and Surepoint Spy then extracts all available information from the device to be shown on the employers’ dashboard.

spying on cell phones text messages

The app has an easy to use interface. A user account is created by the employer once the app is installed and a dashboard shows all cell phone activity. There are full video tutorials to help to learn all of the ins and outs of the software, and full support is available to any employer that needs it.

Surepoint Spy is compatible with all Apple phones and iPads, and unlike other tracking software it can track and monitor iMessages, both old and deleted as well as new. It is also compatible with all Android devices, compatible with all cell phone providers and is supported in all countries. Employers can easily monitor their employee’s cell phone usage no matter where they are or who they get their cell phone coverage through.

If a phone is lost or stolen, Surepoint Spy provides ways to protect the device. An employer can turn on the GPS to track the phone, and can also remotely lock the device as well as uninstall or delete potential confidential information.

If an employer is offering cell phones for their employees to use, Surepoint Spy can help protect their business by ensuring that employees do not misuse their phones. It is an easy, quick way to track sensitive information and keep private information private, as well as making sure employees are using their phones for actual business purposes.  

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