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Stop Online Bullying With Spy Tools For Cell Phones

Bullying is a constant problem and it probably always will be. There are always going to be people who are mean to others and this is especially true in high school. Most teens don’t think past the present and don’t understand the consequences of their behavior. They are also extremely sensitive to peer pressure and the thoughts and opinions of others.

As an adult you get past this easily. You forget about high school and its drama. With the introduction of Facebook, however, adults get a glimpse back into the world of high school, and it isn’t pretty.

I’ve got a lot of teenage Facebook friends – neighbors and family members. And I am continually astounded by how they speak to each other and the things they say to and about each other. Do they not realize that everyone can see this? Don’t they realize that people form opinions on them based on how they act? Don’t they realize that this is online for everyone to see so it’s never really going to go away?  The answer? Of course they don’t. They don’t get it.

But if they don’t get it, and they think that it is fine to speak publicly to each other the way they do, how do you suppose they speak to each other privately? And how can you monitor that to put a stop to it anyway? Private messages are just that; private, and even if a parent has access to their child’s Facebook account, it doesn’t mean they haven’t deleted any bad things they are saying before their mom or dad could catch them at it.

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This is where a cell phone spy software iPhone and Android comes in handy. Today, most communication if not all is done via cell phone. Social media accounts are linked, calls and texts are sent, it’s used as a camera and a way to get on the internet. So if parents install cell phone spy ware on their teen’s phone, they can have access to everything they see, do and send to others. Even if information is deleted on the phone, the parent will still be able to see it using these apps. So if a teen is bullying someone, a parent can put a stop to it immediately. Or if their teen is being bullied, the parent has the ability to see it as it is happening, see who is doing it, and resolve the matter with the other teen’s parents or with the school.

Bullying has become an epidemic and online bullying is more frequent because teens feel safer saying anything to people while at a computer. It is a problem that schools struggle to deal with because of teenage depression and suicide, and it is something that parents can help to overcome. If parents will monitor their children’s social media use and communication with others by using a cell phone spy app they can work with their teens to stop bullying as it happens.

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