The Best Spy Apps To Geo-fence Your Kid

Every parent is always a little worried when kids leave for school or park because of looming risks and threats. I never got peace of mind when my teenage girl for movies or evening parties with close friends or neighbors until I learned about cell phone spy software. This article compares top 4 cell phone spy apps to determine which has a better geo-fence capability and overall effectiveness.

#1: SurePoint Spy

When you think of geo-fencing, no other app beats the SurePoint Spy. The cell phone spy software remote install is designed to deliver ultimate experience for users at affordable costs. Once installed in the target kid’s cell phone, you can designate the allowed area and the phone will alert you once the child moves to the forbidden part. In case of trouble, you can point the kid’s location, activate listening features, and take photos remotely.

The software is a great tool to follow the kids’ activities on social media, access stored data, and check browsing history for content you do not want accessed. It is sold with enthralling support and comes with a one-time price tag. Once you get the cell phone spy software iPhone and Android users can both enjoy, you enjoy all the features and get updates as regularly as they are released without additional costs.

#2: Highster Mobile

This is unique spy software that will tell the location of your kid with great precision. Its geo-fence features use GPS technology to designate the areas you consider safe and unsafe. When your kid moves from the safe zone, an alert goes off on your phone immediately. It has become a very effective app to know when kids are in school, within a compound, or other places you consider safe.

It is also perfect software to track the kids call information, messaging, and online activities. If you do not want the kid to access specific sites such as those offering adult content, you can block them immediately. The parent can block some numbers from calling and even go through images stored in the memory.

#3:  mSpy

mSpy is a very effective spying app that allows the user to track the position of a child in real time. On the control panel, there is Geo-Fence panel that allows you to select the secure and forbidden areas. If your child gets outside the allowed or secure area, you get an instant alert on the mobile phone. You can, therefore, take appropriate action to protect the kid.

Other mSpy capabilities that make it among the top cell phone spy software include the ability to install without a jailbreak, call monitoring and online activities tracking features. You can block unwanted websites and control the kid’s phone remotely to allow them concentrate on studies or even sleep.

#4: XN Spy

This is strong spy software designed to deliver unique performance to parents. It provides real-time notifications using GPS technology and allows the parent to Geo-fence areas that are safe/allowed or forbidden to kids. Once a kid gets to the disallowed area, the parent gets instant notifications to take action. You can use XN Spy to take images remotely and even turn on the microphone to understand the background. This can be of great help to assist you to understand whether the child has been abducted, is in the club, or other dangerous places.

Using XN Spy makes it easy to monitor all calls and contacts stored on the cell phone. The spy software has features that allow the parent to set keywords related to sex, drugs, and pornography and get notifications when the kid visits such pages. The main disadvantage of this software is that it is a monthly subscription that makes it more costly compared to others.


While all the outlined spy software provides parents with amazing experiences, SurePoint Spy came out to be more effective in geo-fencing. While it doesn’t provide a cell phone spy software free trial like some of the other products on the market, I actually think their one-time fee is a better deal. The parent is sure of getting real-time updates, total phone control, and is cheaper.


safeguarde from Pat Stanley on Vimeo.

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