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What is Jailbreaking? When Looking For Free Cell Phone Spying, Should You Use It?

So you woke up Christmas morning and you got a brand new iPhone 6. Congratulations! You’re super excited, and you can’t wait to download tons of fun music, apps and games. Where do you start? Once you loaded your absolute favorite social media sites (to brag about your new iPhone, naturally), you start looking for apps outside the Apple store. You suddenly realize that you want to install what’s called “third party apps,” and you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Many people are hesitant to jailbreak their iPhone. What exactly is jailbreaking? It’s defined as this:

iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions imposed by iOS, Apple’s operating system, on devices running it through the use of software exploits; devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV.

According to PC World, there are many reasons to jailbreak:

“For better or for worse, iOS is a closed environment: Apps need to adhere to Apple’s stringent guidelines to make it onto the App Store. To a certain extent, this restriction exists for your own protection and to maintain the overall quality of apps. There are some apps, however, that don’t make the cut but arguably ought to–the WikiLeaks app for iOS comes to mind. When you go to the App Store and install an app, you click [the icon], it opens, you do stuff with it, you hit the home button to close it, it goes away,’ saurik says. ‘An app is a self-controlled universe hidden behind a single icon.’ Anything outside this simple design–like saurik‘s UI theming mod called Winterboard, or any other alterations to built-in apps–is strictly forbidden. To Apple, an app is like a sandbox. Your app can only play within the sandbox, but if you want to roam outside of it, jailbreaking is your only option.”

Jailbreaking allows you to install apps outside the Apple store restrictions. This is a great thing for anyone searching for a cell phone spy software app like Surepoint Spy.

free cell phone spying

Why put a cell phone spy app on your iPhone? Well, there are many reasons.

Parents of teenagers use it to monitor their teen’s cell phone in this dangerous digital world. Maybe your son is posting inappropriate content on Instagram (photos and videos.) Surepoint Spy allows you to see the contents of his phone and then take the right steps to stop the behavior.

Employers use it to monitor their employees. Your bottom line is important, and so is the accountability of your employees. Is that one driver you depend on not making her deliveries? Is that one customer service rep taking a longer than usual lunch? Is your best marketing person suddenly playing Candy Crush on her company-issued phone when she should be working? It happens all the time.

Don’t be afraid of jailbreaking an iPhone. An iPhone allows you to get the root of the iPhone and install a world of apps that are not allowed by Apple, including an amazing cell phone spy app software like Surepoint Spy. And if you’re looking for free cell phone spying, please note that the free apps don’t offer the same powerful features or helpful customer service agents that Surepoint does.



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